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Corrugated metal hose PTFE hose Bellows Expansion Joint Special Hose Hose fitting


Vladimir plant of Metal Hoses produces Corrugated Metal Hoses which are hydraulically formed from Stainless Steel strip (AISI 304L, AISI 316L and other grades upon request). The Metal Hoses are available with a large variety of end connections made from Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel in any possible configuration. Corrugated Metal Hoses are designed and produced according to ISO 10380 and DIN EN ISO 14585-1 standards.

  • Nominal Diameter: DN6 Ц DN250 mm (from ¼Ф to 10Ф)corrugated hose vzm
  • Length (LN) - according to customer requirements
  • Working pressure (PN): up to 440 bar in DN6
  • Operating temperature: from -270 °C to +600 °C

Hose bellows:
  • Standard bellows
  • High flexible bellows
  • Strengthened bellows
  • Two-ply bellows
  • Special strengthened high flexible bellows

  • Un-Braided hoses
  • Single Braided hoses
  • Double Braided hoses
  • Triple Braided


PTFE Hoses are designed to link assemblies and machines that require chemical resistance to aggressive working medium. It can work in a wide range of temperatures and pressures in conditions of vibration, pressure pulsation and hydraulic shock. PTFE hose consists of PTFE-pipe covered with stainless steel braid and fittings on both ends of pipe.

  • Nominal diameter: DN4 Ц DN40 mm (from ¼Ф to 1 ½Ф)
  • Working pressure (PN): up to 250 bar in DN6
  • Operating temperature from -60 °C to +200 °C

  • Single Braided hoses
  • Double Braided hoses


Vladimir plant of Metal Hoses provides superior engineering, precisely controlled manufacturing processes, expert quality control and friendly customer service. Our complete line of Expansion Joints covers the wide range of sizes and operating conditions.

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