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About us

Vladimir Plant of Metal Hoses (VZM JSC) was founded in 2006. We produce a complete line of products (corrugated metal hoses, PTFE-hoses, and bellows expansion joints) that meet the needs of diverse industries ranging from scientific research to oil refining. Such technical strengths like comprehensive engineering, quality control, and advanced design have been combined with management skills to develop proper products.

Full Cycle Production

Vladimir Plant of Metal Hoses is the full-cycle manufacturer of metal hoses, PTFE hoses and bellows expansion joints. We offer catalogue products and build complex piping systems. Metal bellows are manufactured by a multistage deformation process, starting from the metal strip. Fully customizable and reasonably priced hydroformed metal bellows are ideal for a broad spectrum of applications including industrial, nuclear and aerospace. Flexible metal hoses can be reinforced by using 1 to 3 braids to ensure the work in high pressure and temperature. Our stainless steel products can be made of 304, 316, 321 and exotic materials.

Владимирский завод металлорукавов Владимирский завод металлорукавов Владимирский завод металлорукавов

Vladimir Plant of Metal Hoses provides design and engineering support required for each application of any complexity, quality, or size. We accommodate smaller or larger quantities, according to your requirements. Our products allow us to improve existing and apply new technologies in metallurgical, oil and gas, power generation, nuclear, chemical industries, engines and turbines, cryogenics and technical gases, engineering and mining. It solves problems of transporting aggressive gaseous and liquid media under high pressure or/and under severe temperature conditions and at high vibration loads, also it can be used as stainless explosion-proof metal hoses in various equipment.

Advantages of the full cycle production of VZM JSC:
• We use original technology to assemble hose and fittings.
• Hydroforming of bellows provides quality control at all stages of manufacturing to produce the top quality products for our Customer.
• Hydroforming provides an extended lifetime of our hoses and expansion joints.

Currently, our manufacturing facility includes:
• Tube Mills for thin wall tubing
• Continuous metal hose corrugating machines
• Bellows Forming Machines – Hydraulic, Expanding and Roll Forming
• Braiding machines
• Orbital Welding
• Hydraulic Hose Manufacturing machines
• Hi-tech CNC machines and full machine shop
• Assembly lines and welding facilities

Владимирский завод металлорукавов Владимирский завод металлорукавов Владимирский завод металлорукавов

Highest Quality Manufacturing

We chose the way through technological innovation: it has been spent a lot of manpower and resources for the development of the original design of hose, which can greatly simplify the assembly operation and gives the additional guarantee of product quality.

Product quality is monitored from the stage of raw material receipt up to the final hose or expansion joint assembling. We want our customers to have perfect experience with every product.

We have complete in-house facilities for various types of tests so as to stay in accordance to the International Standards (ISO 10380:2012) specified for the metallic flexible hoses and EJMA design code or EN-14917 for expansion joints.

Quality control includes:
• Visual inspection of welding seam
• Dimensional control
• Pneumatic leak detection test
• Helium leak test
• Burst pressure test
• Bend radius test
• Life cycle test / Flexibility test

Владимирский завод металлорукавов Владимирский завод металлорукавов Владимирский завод металлорукавов

Each hose or bellows expansion joint assembled by Vladimir Plant of Metal Hoses is tested before shipment. We provide Material Test Reports (MTRs) and Pressure Test Certifications (PTCs). ISO 9001 – 2008 confirms our commitment to constant design and manufacture high-quality products, for which our company is recognized for.

Vladimir Plant of Metal Hoses is certified for manufacturing according to The Pressure Equipment Directive (PED 97/23/EC) and can design, manufacture and release CE marked assemblies with full certification.