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Special modifications

Corrugated metal hoses with two circuits

Design of such corrugated metal hose brings to mind a thermos bottle, “hose in hose”. Pumped media is transported via central channel of the hose while a media located in the outer channel operates as thermal insulation maintaining operating thermal mode. It is used when performing draining and filling operations and conveying hot liquid oil bitumen and other products where constant temperature mode should be maintained. Corrugated metal hoses are also used as alarm systems on critical sections of pipework or when conveying extreme poisonous or hazardous media. For example, pressure in outer channel can indicate failure in the central one.

Corrugated metal hoses with pipe bends

JSC Vladimir plant of metal hoses supplies corrugated metal hoses with pipe bends. We manufacture corrugated metal hoses with pipe bends made of carbon and stainless steel. Special tooling and attachments are manufactured for special versions according to technical requirement of the customer.

Corrugated metal hoses with heat insulation

The most popular version of heat insulation is heat insulation in the form of integral sheath made of fiberglass with protective cover. It is mounted over high-pressure corrugated metal hose. To protect high-pressure corrugated metal hoses with larger diameters heat insulation in the form of sheets with clips or fasteners is used. Heat insulation protects corrugated metal hose from drops of smelt, heat radiation, abrasion, corrosion-active media, humidity, chemical substances and vibration. Heat insulation also provides efficient protection of personnel from burns due to contact with hot corrugated metal hoses and pipework.
Momentary thermal resistance of heat insulation can reach up to 1650°С.

To order corrugated metal hoses with heat insulation option
you should specify additional parameters:

• media that corrugated metal hose is exposed to,
• media temperature in case of long-term exposure,
• media temperature in case of short-term exposure,
• additional exposures (if available).

Corrugated metal hoses with for high pressure gaseous media conveying

This corrugated metal hose is called as compensating.

Special insert is mounted into standard corrugated metal hose and provides:
• lower level of turbulence of the media being conveyed
• lower level of cavitation when pumping a liquid media
• lower power of pneumatic impacts when pumping gaseous media

This solution allows to reduce vibrations, including resonance ones and noise level when the product is conveyed. It also increases life of corrugated metal hose.